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Self-Massage for the Neck

Here are some easy massage techniques you can do for yourself to relieve tension in your neck. For extra relief, try any or all of these techniques while standing under a warm shower.

  • Take one hand and reach around to grasp the base of your neck. Squeeze it in your hand a couple of times. Move up your neck to the base of your skull, squeezing and releasing as you go. Repeat as many times as needed, being careful not to create additional tension in your working arm and hand.

  • Use one hand to help stretch your neck forward slowly as you exhale through your nose. Inhale and return to your starting position. Exhale again as you stretch your neck to the right and to the left. Remember to only stretch to a point where the stretch is comfortable. If these stretches cause any discomfort, discontinue as this may not be the best stretch for you.

  • Place the palms of your hands on the sides of your head and the pads of your thumbs just above the ears. Apply slow, even pressure with your thumbs as you trace along your natural hairline until the thumbs meet at the back center part of your head. Move the thumbs slightly upward feeling for the occipital ridge at the back of the head. Using slow, comfortable pressure make little circles with your thumbs until you are back at your start position. Repeat at least two more times.

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