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Now Offering CBD Products

As you may know, I hosted a CBD 101 Virtual Class last week to answer some of those pressing questions like: what is Cannabidiol (CBD), is it safe to use, does it have psychoactive effects, will it help with arthritis, anxiety or headaches. It was great to listen to Lake Country Growers give a detailed, clear explanation about CBD and its many benefits.

I am a personal user of Lake Country Growers products to manage Lyme Arthritis. Their products are all natural: no chemicals, no pesticides, no heavy metals because they test the soil before they plant the seeds. Most products are THC-Free (except for the smokable hemp flower with 0.3%).

I'm happy to be offering their CBD Relief Stick in my office. Packed with 400mg of CBD, this stick boasts a balanced combination of CBD isolate, beeswax, and aromatic essential oils to help soothe muscles and support skin rejuvenation. It works really well for arthritic pain, tendonitis, headaches and post workout.

Purchase a CBD Relief Stick at your next appointment to be used during your massage session and take it home for continual personal use. Bring it along to your follow up sessions as well. No charge for product application.

If you are interested in other Lake Country Growers products, use my referral code: AHMP to receive free shipping on orders $30+.

Let me know if you have any questions about CBD usage. I am more than happy to chat about it and if I don't know the answer, I will ask the experts!

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