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Self Massage for Head and Face

Try massaging your head and face to temporarily improve your mental clarity and concentration. It could also help reduce tension or anxiety.

  • Starting at your hairline, place both index fingers at the center of your forehead and “walk” your fingers rhythmically down the center of your forehead until in between your eyebrows. Then, move about one inch to the right of the centerline and repeat (from hairline to eyebrows). Move your fingers one inch to the left of the centerline and repeat.

  • Take both thumbs at the center of your forehead, apply slight pressure as you move outward towards your temples. Move as if smoothing the skin across your eyebrows, forehead and hairline.

  • Make small circles on each temple with your middle and index fingers.

  • Make the shape of a claw with both hands. Create small circles on your scalp. Try to work your entire scalp. Feel free to concentrate on any areas that feel tense.

  • Using alternate index fingers, stroke down the bridge of your nose from the top to the tip.

  • With your index fingers, gently stroke from the inner corner of your eyes across the cheekbones to the ears. Repeat in horizontal lines as you work down your face.

  • Make circles around your jaw area. This is especially beneficial for those with TMJ pain. Feel free to linger on areas that are sore or tight.

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