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Self-Care Tips for Getting Better Faster!

We all get sick, have accidents and injuries. You will get better much faster by taking care of YOU and resting!

Here are a few self-care tips:

  1. Ask for help from a loved one.

  2. Have some easy meals in the cabinet or freezer in case you're not up to cooking (healthy canned soup, frozen veggies, and quick rice are great).

  3. Eliminate what you can from your workload. Many things, such as housework can wait!

  4. As far as going in to work, it’s much better to call in for a day or two then to try to do too much and end up being sick for longer. You'll be a lot more productive if you can just stay home and get well! If that's not an option, just take care of your most important tasks and then go home.

  5. I also use essential oils in a diffuser throughout my home. Right now, I’m in love with having Hopewell Essentials Breathe Easy at my bedside. I feel like it really helps to support my respiratory system and allows me to sleep better.

  6. Epson salt baths are also very good for sore, achy muscles when you're not feeling 100%.

The important thing is to allow your body to rest in order to recover.

I find that when I’m out of commission due to illness or injury it is usually triggered by neglecting my self-care. Stress is a huge culprit in getting me sidetracked. Being overly busy, worrying about things I have no control over, skipping meals, not getting regular massage and not getting enough sleep all play a part in the downward spiral.

It is very tempting to just try to push through and carry on with your regular schedule even when you're sick or in pain. We want to do it all and accomplish our goals, but by resting and taking care of yourself you'll be back at it faster, healthier and stronger!

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