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Is Pilates Good for Golfers?

Absolutely! If you play golf then Pilates is the exercise system for you. Golf and Pilates share many of the same fundamentals such as breathing, centering, fluidity, concentration, and proper body alignment. Pilates is all about stability with mobility. It’s important to know which parts need the strength and connectedness to remain stable while other parts are moving. Without stability in your body, balance, and coordination are compromised, which affects your swing.

In a typical Pilates session, the instructor takes your spine through various planes of movement: flexion, extension, rotation and side bending (lateral rotation). We all want a mobile spine as we age rather than a stiff, crooked or bent spine. Pilates works for whole body alignment. Every exercise is a full body exercise. This means that Pilates is working to bring balance to the body. Golfers are at risk of repetitive use injuries because of the overuse of the same muscles with each swing of the golf club.

Pilates can help Golfers with their core strength. We all need a solid core to prevent low back pain. Having a solid core also helps to improve our posture. For Golfers, a strong core = increased power with each swing.

Pilates can also help improve Golfers improve flexibility and ability to rotate. This enables golfers to reach a full range of motion which in turn creates maximum potential strength and distance.

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