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The Perfect Combo: Pilates + Massage

Being certified in both enables me to combine the therapeutic benefits of massage with Pilates to retrain the body and mind's perception of pain. So far, I've only offered these services separately from each other. Now, I've decided to combine them into a combo.

You can choose to begin or end your massage session with 30 minutes of Pilates based on your preference. Some will choose to receive massage therapy prior to their Pilates session to prepare their body for the workout. Others will choose to take their Pilates lesson prior to receiving massage to take advantage of the relaxing effect of massage. Receiving the massage post-Pilates may also help to decrease any muscle soreness.

Of course, you can still opt to receive these services separately.

Why practice Pilates?

At Anointed Hands you will focus on breathing, moving, uniformly developing the body and changing rehearsed, incorrect movement patterns. That's a lot! We have work to do, and a regular practice of Pilates will yield results. In Pilates we learn to will our body to do things that we thought it couldn’t do or maybe even forgot how to do. You will find that Pilates is also good for the brain. Mr. Pilates believed that our bodies should obey what we will it to do. He claimed that his work “reawakens dormant muscle cells which correspondingly reawakens dormant brain cells”. That's intriguing enough to give it a try. I promise you that Pilates will meet you where you are both physically and mentally. Come join me on this journey!

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